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How to Make a Girl Squirt

How To Make A Woman Squirt = How To Provide G-Pot Orgasms

How To Make A Girl squirtBefore we begin, let’s put things in perspective and make sure we are all on the same boat here… The only way to make any woman squirt is by providing a G-Spot orgasm, period! Many of you may already know this, while for others this may be breaking news, but I wanted to be clear so we can understand each other…

Ok, now that we are all on the same page, let’s move on… The purpose is to learn how to make a girl squirt so in this post I will provide you with detailed instructions for providing any woman with a G-spot orgasm that will make her squirt and ejaculate and feel explosive and powerful sensations that only squirting orgasms can provide…

These instructions can give great squirting orgasms to her, while enhancing your own sex life at the same time, so pay attention... 

Step 1: Finding the G-spot location and touching the sensitive zone easily

The G-spot location can be hard to locate, especially if you do not find it often. However, it can be a rewarding experience to find this erogenous zone as she has an orgasm. A good technique involves her remaining on her backside across a pillow. This position elevates her hips and allows you to find the G-spot region with ease. Her body can reach intense sexual pleasure.

How To Make A Girl Squirt! FREE Video 'Instant Access'

If you penetrate the vagina with your finger and touch the upper wall, you should feel her G-spot. Make sure you enter one to two inches into your girlfriend's vagina. You will find the vaginal tissue harder than most erogenous zones. Take your time and move your finger against the surface area. Add to your girlfriend's experience with sexy words. Talk about her gorgeous eyes and sexy body. 

Step 2: How to Enhance Her G-spot Orgasms and Make Her Squirt.

When you find the G-spot, you want to find multiple ways to make her body respond. For example, use one finger and keep it straight. Allow the finger to move against the G-spot. You can enhance this technique and bend your finger slightly. The motion allows you to slide slow or fast, depending on your girlfriend's response. Watch her body language and increase the speed as she moves. If she does not respond, you can stop and start over. It takes practice, but she should experience more orgasms. 

Step 3: Advanced G-spot Orgasms: Making Her Have a Squirting Orgasm and Female Ejaculation

Each of these sexual techniques leads to giving her squirting orgasm. Just remember to rotate your finger across her G-spot and allow her orgasm to build. You can move your fingers and thumb at steady pace. Always pay attention to her reaction and listen to her words. Your girlfriend understands her body and will guide you. 

The best way to reach an orgasm is movement. Never allow your fingers and hands to remain motionless. As you perform these techniques, you should notice more wetness in her vagina. This warm liquid represents her body's response to your hands. You should be proud of yourself. With practice, your girlfriend will have squirting orgasms regularly.

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Ken Santana


How to Make a Girl Squirt 

by Rick Henderson

Yes you can make a girl squirt just by using your hand and your fingers, but it is not as simple as it sounds. This involves complex techniques and if you are not an experience lover...

...unfortunately you will not see much success, even more if you try to learn how to make a girl squirt just by reading an article like this.

Certain techniques involve the exploration of the inner and outer part of the vagina and ass during foreplay... To learn how to make a girl squirt you may follow some step by step instruction guides or programs but it is very important to be innovative and to think outside of the box.
How To Make A Girl Squirt Video

Basically, numerous techniques and methods involve fingering and oral sex, but there is much more to it that what is know and talked normally.

Here is an overview of a very effective yet litter known technique used on how to make a girl squirt. Remember that these steps are not written in stone. Invent and be creative and sooner than you know you will be mastering the art of sex.

Make a girl squirt technique

Start by giving her a tender and slow massage with your tongue in the inner thighs, labia and clitoris. She soon will start getting relaxed and wet. Start to suck and lick the clitoris in a slow, continuously but not intensive way, but in an intermittent come and go manner.

The process should be steady and you should continuously move your mouse around different areas of the outer labia, focusing in different pars at times and then moving slowly to another area, without living the area of the outer vagina.

How to make a girl squirt is a technique that you will master better and better as time goes by and you keep practicing and experimenting.

Ok, let's continue; after you've been caressing the outer part of the vagina but not the clitoris, slowly come back to the clitoris and lick and suck again but this time the socking and liking should be a little bit more intensive.

The idea here is to increase sensitivity in the vaginal area and the clitoris. If you want to really learn HOW TO MAKE A GIRL SQUIRT, it is important to be patience and to take your time. Remember; women take 5 times longer to get sexually stimulated than the men. So be patience.

Pay attention to how she's responding...

As she gets wetter and exited pay attention to how she responds to every caress you give her. Make sure that you note her most sensible areas because you will use them when she starts getting more and more exited.

Mastering how to make a girl squirt takes getting to know each girl since they will react different to different touches and to different parts of the vaginal area and as well to different parts of her body.

How to make a girl squirt is very satisfying for you and for your girl. Once you master this technique you will be able to drive crazy any girl that you want. This is something that you definitively have to master and you can do it, unfortunately this blog post is not enough to explain the whole technique as well as other techniques…

Go to this site immediately to find out more information on how to make a girl squirt and to discover many more highly effective techniques.

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